Infrared Bridge Type Slabs Cutting Machine Have Powerful CNC System

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   Infrared bridge type slabs cutting machine can use single piece or multi-blades .Infrared bridge stone cutting machine has the features of high production efficiency and precise cutting.
   Infrared bridge type slabs cutting machine have powerful CNC system and easy to operate.The electronic controlling cabinet comprise of imported,advanced and precisely assembled electrical components.The machine adopt PLC controlling system,variable-frequency drive(VFD)which can provide fine speed regulation,infrared checking and calibration instrument,touching operating system.The computer automatic control ensures the accuracy of cutting;So,the machine endowed with high steadiness ,effective and simple in operating characters.Hence,it is suitable to process high value,large size granite and marble slabs.In order to meet the needs of customers, infrared bridge slabs cutter can choose matching components according to the actual needs of customers.
Infrared bridge stone cutting machine is processing high-value stone, tombstone crafts and road rocks are ideal equipment, if ou need this machine welcome to contact us.