Rotary lifting operation of infrared cutting machine worktable

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   The infrared slabs cutting machine is mainly used to cut the slabs.Then I will introduce the rotary lifting operation of the infrared slabs cutting machine worktable.
   The rotating of worktable :The main motor of the infrared cutting machine stops and the cutter is at the upper limit position.Turn the table motion selection switch to 0 degree, then the table will automatically rotate 0 degrees.Turn the table selection switch to 90 degrees to rotate the table automatically by 90 degrees.
   The lifting of worktable:The cutter is raised to the upper limit position, and the worktable is rotated to 0 degrees.Beam advances to the forward limit.When the workbench action selector switch is turned to the ascent position, the worktable will automatically rise.If you want to go down, turn the table action selection switch to the descent position, and the table will automatically fall.
   If there is an unexpected situation during the rotation of the infrared cutting machine table.The emergency stop switch is set at the lower right corner of the workbench control panel to stop the machine in an emergency.