The importance of the quality of bridge-type saw blades

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   Our company manufactures bridge type multi-blades block cutting machine.The quality of the bridge-type composite saw blade depends on the quality of the base body, the quality of the cutter head, and the welding quality of the base body and the cutter head.

   Under normal circumstances,the new saw blade substrate is controlled by the tension value and flatness and runout of the end face before leaving the substrate factory.However, some substrates often show deviations when they are used in stone factories, resulting in a decrease in the pass rate of stone cutting.The main performance is:The processing technology and the substrate tension value do not match. When the tension value is too large, it may cause the occurrence of up and down bending.Conversely, when the negative value is too large, left and right bending phenomena occur, and some substrates may have reached the service life limit after multiple rewelding. This phenomenon may also occur.Therefore, when choosing the substrate, do not try to be cheap and use unqualified substrates. Instead, use good quality substrates that are produced by regular companies.At the same time pay attention to the life cycle of the re-welding saw blade and replace the new saw blade substrate in time to reduce unnecessary losses.
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   Infrared bridge stone cutter must be checked before use
   Infrared bridge stone cutting machine is the main machine for stone cutting and processing. It is suitable for cutting and processing of granite and marble slabs.It is an essential machine for the stone industry.Infrared bridge stone cutter must be checked before use.
  1.Power on;
  2、Check all indicators are normal;
  3、Check whether the emergency stop button is reliable and effective;
  4、Check whether each limit travel switch is reliable and effective;
  5、Check whether the rotation direction of each motor is correct;
  6、Check each operation button, knob is correct, reliable and effective;
  7、Check whether the hydraulic pump station can work normally;
  8、Check whether the reversing valves are safe, reliable and effective;
  9、Check whether the lift cylinders, steering cylinders, and trolley turning cylinders of the guide pillars are working properly, and whether the flap rotation angle is normal and effective;
  10、After checking all the electrical circuit, mechanical transmission, and following the sequence of steps, after a single manual test has been completed, it shall be operated for 2-4 hours with linked no-load operation to check whether the whole machine is operating freely and whether there is any phenomenon of seizure.
  After the infrared bridge type stone cutting machine is determined to be safe and reliable after no-load test operation, it is checked whether the PLC program parameters are correct, and the set parameters are inputted into the PLC through the text to check whether the display screen can be displayed and correctly and effectively.