Infrared Cutting Machine Needs Pilot Running and Power-on Detection after Installation

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   Infrared cutting machines belong to high-precision cutting machines and require specialized technical personnel to attend the technical guidance and install them according to the equipment program.In order to ensure the reliability of the construction period, the trial operation and power-on detection must be performed in accordance with the specified indicators after installation.
   Preparation before the infrared slabs cutting machine pilot running
   1、Perform a complete inspection of the entire external connection and fasteners of the infrared cutting machine to confirm that the connection has been secured;
   2、Infrared cutting machine on the reducer, spindle box, rotating parts, moving parts, etc. must be filled with lubricants as required;
Infrared cutting machine power detection
  1. Turn on the power of the infrared cutting machine
  2.Check whether each indicator of the infrared cutting machine is normal;
  3.Check if the emergency stop button of infrared cutting machine is reliable and effective;
  Note: Infrared cutting machine belongs to computer control, only need to perform lifting, speed and other technical operation items on the control panel.
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